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The studio ZTOPOS architects and partners is an office of consilience between Architecture and Landscape Architecture. It is based in Thessaloniki and led by Dr. Zoi Karakinari. From 2003 up today it researches and contributes based on the synergy of the two professions • the architect and the landscape architect. It focuses on relationships that are often overlooked or hidden and designs towards different ideas which functions in a unique way for each project.

The ZTOPOS studio practices on multiple levels as it deals with the architecture, design, construction and renovation of many different spaces in small and large scales. Whether it is inside, outside or in-between spaces, the designed subjects vary: residences, single-family houses, villas, residential complexes and apartment buildings, hotels, rooms for rent and short-term rental apartments (airbnb), business spaces such as restaurants, bookstores, doctors’ offices, cafes, company offices, exhibition spaces, cultural spaces, museums, conservated buildings, public spaces such as squares, playgrounds, sidewalks or pedestrians in the urban tissue of cities, natural spaces (abandoned or not) such as former camps, former quarries, streams, thickets, waterfronts.

Designs, Permissions or Supervisions, the studio ZTOPOS architects and partners applies a common design vocabulary based in the osmosis of the boundaries of the two professions, and forms unique concepts for each project introducing every time a new challenge for each collaboration.



Registration of arbitrary constructions or Legalization

– Inquiry in the urban planning services archives of the building permit of the property, plus detailed surveying of the property by experienced engineers

– Client briefing about the arbitrary constructions of his property/real estate, the cost of the special fine and the possibilities of payment.

– Design of floor plans required for the procedure and their submission to the official digital platform of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE in greek).

– Delivery to the client of a complete file with all the registration and the relative plans.


Preparation of full physical and digital file for every notarial deed/contract that concerns real estate (purchase, sale etc)

Every notarial deed/contract that concerns real estate, requires several documents and plans, such as: a real estate tax certificate from the Municipality, certified copies of the building permit from the urban planning services, the digital building ID as required by law since 2022, etc.

Ztopos undertakes the preparation of the file, with all the necessary documents and plans mentioned, as well as, the delivery of the complete file to the notary office and the owner.


Digital Building-Property ID (HTK in Greek)

The Digital Building – Property Identity is the creation of a digital file for every type real estate that includes all official documents (titles/notary deeds, building permits, registrations of arbitrary/legalized regulations, topographical, construction plans, etc.) which are attached to the property. It is mandatory for notarial acts since 2022 and also for the “ΕXIΚΟΝΟΜO 2021” subsidy program. The architect-engineer is responsible for the inquiry, submission of all files and the issue of the certificate of completion of the Digital Building – Property Identity.



“EXIKONOMO” (subsidy program of property energy upgrade)

We undertake the process of preparing and submitting the application for the subsidy program “EXIKONOMO” along with the required certificates, for your integration in the program. Also, we undertake, the process and the issuance of the digital building identity which is required from now on by the “EXIKONOMO” 2021 program.



The Ztopos Architects and Partners studio undertakes the study of plans and drawings for the possible integration into the appropriate financing program (Development Law, ESPA, national or european) for investments in new or existing hotels, touristic units- apartments- rooms. It also is provided the necessary technical support and the design completeness of the project (proposal maturity) such as: drafting of architectural plans, issuance of a building permit, supervision and construction of structural works, etc. and the budget of the technical project.

The Ztopos Architects and Partners firm, presents up today a 100% success rate of submission to the subsidy programs since 2018, as all touristic architectural designs and construction budgets, which have been prepared and submitted, have been successfully included in the desired program.